Meet Our Leadership Team

Michael Pollak – Partner

Michael Pollak is the Managing Principal at Lakemont Holdings, where he is responsible for acquisitions, dispositions, daily operations, as well as asset management. Prior to Lakemont, Michael was in the healthcare space successfully syndicating over $50,000,000 worth of transactions.

Throughout the successful acquisitions, Michael was able to raise a significant amount from investors. With Michael’s investor relations and operational skills, he successfully guides Lakemont throughout its investments and envisions the end product.

Michael lives in Monsey, NY, and is an active member of his community.

Isaac Sternbuch

Isaac Sternbuch is the Managing Principal at Lakemont Holdings, where he develops and oversees implementation of the firm’s short- and long-term strategies and objectives. Focusing on strategic conversion to multifamily and value add opportunities, Isaac guides the acquisition team and is responsible for capitalizing debt and equity.

In 2018, Isaac started his own company called Infinity Procurement Services, which is a group purchasing organization for real estate related supplies and renovation materials supporting over 500,000 apartments. Through this venture, Isaac is well networked within the real estate industry and started syndicating his own acquisitions in the Northeast. With an extensive nationwide purchasing power and hands-on management approach, Mr. Sternbuch mitigates significant execution risk and creates strong cost control.

Mr. Sternbuch lives in Lakewood, NJ and is an active member of his community.